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On the side of being a full time architecture student, I am a keen observer of everyday life, a huge movie enthusiast, and a self-made healthy cooking expert at home.

Some other activities I enjoy are cycling, walking/getting lost on the street, reading, and painting/doodling.

So what can you expect from this blog?

This blog is my way of expressing my ideas and observations on lifestyle of an architect-to-be.

I am a strong believer in lifelong learning, so I use this blog to prompt me to venture, read, and observe more. I will be sharing my past and future experiences of cities I live in (mostly London), buildings I see, galleries, lectures, exhibitions I visit, and much more.

As a typical architecture student, I end up working in studio for long hours on most days. So I will also be sharing my view on college life as a design student. You can find handy advice and tricks on how to survive the ridiculously long hours of work (and to avoid all-nighters) as well as looking after yourself (both physically and mentally).

If you are a design student looking for some empathetic rambling with someone who understands both the liberating and torturous sides of studio life, you are in the right place!

You can find posts to kindle your inspiration and tickle the creative juices in your brain as well as more personal post with some tips and tricks all about life as a designer in college.


Welcome to my blog! ย ENJOY!